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Mac vs PC

Where we can finally end the PC debate

Mac vs. PC
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Here's a community dedicated to the age old PC wars. That is, the Apple vs. x86 computers (I use "x86" because not all of what is commonly referred to as "Wintel" computers involve Windows or Intel... also PC means "personal computer" and Apple is just as personal as any x86 machine.) The birthdate (the year at least) is that of the Apple I, which began this eternal struggle. This is a place to voice your support for Mac, Windows, Linux or whatever your preferred machine is. It is also a place for old techies to recall the good ol' days when the battle was in full swing! Please debate, please keep it polite and remember: at the end of the day, we're all friends and we can always come together have a good laugh over the Amiga. What was that all about? "Where's my Lotus drive?"
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