Ben Murphy (ben_murphy) wrote in mac_vs_pc,
Ben Murphy

Windows 2000, the great leveler?

Okay now to get some blood boiling... It has been asserted by some that Windows 2000 was the Windows update that resolved the big stability gap between PCs and Macs. I put forward this hypothesis: Windows 95/98/Me was not quite as unstable as we all thought. It just appeared that way because while Windows machines had to deal with 1000s of software titles and drivers, Mac OS 8/9 on average only had to deal with about 30 available titles (i.e. Adobe product lines, Quark, Clarisworks and those 3 Macsoft games.) Certainly Windows 2000 demonstrated a huge jump in stability, but would OS 8 or 9 have been just as unstable as 95/98/Me if its use was as widespread?
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