Ben Murphy (ben_murphy) wrote in mac_vs_pc,
Ben Murphy

Windows 95 released. x86 computers now Macs

If you're a younger livejournaler, you may not remember the rucous caused by Windows '95. Now that we have a new OS update every other year, it's hard to see why one would be such a big deal. Windows 95 turned out to be a joy for some, but infuriating for others. There was a comic from the era that displayed an IT guy throwing out a PC saying that the Windows 95 name meant that you had to throw the company's 95 computers out the Window. Okay, so there was some integration issues. A new file system made some previously comfortable functions a bit of a headache. Things were working just fine weren't they? Well, yes and no. 95 gave us the native Windows format. We no longer had to start in DOS (a line code operating system). Networking was supposedly easier. And, most important 32-bit applications. Also, Windows 95 was the first version of Windows... well NT if you want to get really technical, but whatever... that effectively made x86 machines look like Macs. If you notice today, Windows is basically a backwards version of Mac OS. The start menu is the apple menu, the start bar at the bottom is the apple menu on the top. The three buttons at the corner are the same for each machine but on opposite sides. Some Mac people felt violated by this, but sorry. Computer makers copy each other constantly.
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