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Does anyone know if Apple has already moved to PCI-express or not? They're starting to lag behind (more than before) with this latest jump in hardware. They have the 64-bit thing down (after 10.3), but Intel and AMD already have dual core systems out (that is two processing cores in a single chip) already. I know at least of one Opteron setup that allows the user to have two dual core chips running at once (that = 4 processors and a max of 16GB of ram to access). I would think that PCIe & dual core would be of real interest to the graphics techies that use Mac. Furthermore, the 4 processors would really allow Apple to multitask like never before (one area where x86 architecture has beat it consistently.)
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It's logical to assume that the Intel Macs will be PCI Express.
Macs have had PCI-X since 1993.

As for multiple processors...

This is of course, using desktop processors.
I'm surprised that a techie like yourself has not heard of PCI-express. It is very different from PCI-X. Here's a good article about it:

Of course multiple processors are pretty standard in G5s now, but the dual core advances made by Intel and AMD have set the pathway for incredible multi-task PCs and servers. I would say Apple's biggest problem is that it makes a contract with one chip maker who then, with little competition, has little need to make innovations that are truly revolutionary. Why spend all that research captial in something crazy like dual core systems when you don't even know when/if it will pay off? Just steadily ramp up clock speeds instead. The PC market has a healthy competition with AMD and Intel although I wish there was more.
There is a difference between PCI-X and PCI-Express. Just as there is a difference between DVI and ADP.

Macs have had higher capacity bandwidth PCI busses for years now. Both PCI and PCI-X are 3.3 V keyed and support 32-bit and 64-bit buses. The connectors include a PME signal which allows a PCI card to wake the computer from sleep.